The four sides of our expertise by MAGS LES AVOCATS

25 years of practice, a technical expertise, and rigorous processes allow MAGS LES AVOCATS to work swiftly and creatively.

  • 1. Accompanying promising start-ups and innovative SMEs

    We are passionate about the entrepreneurial adventure and the challenges of our clients. High potential start-ups as well as innovative and fast growing SMEs are welcome at MAGS LES AVOCATS!


    We advise, both nationally and internationally, on the creation and development of start-ups in the fields of biotech/medtech, IoT, Web, Big Data, AI, collaborative economy, Medtech, Greentech , Foodtech, etc.

    MAGS LES AVOCATS has also developed a specific expertise in the public research transfer to start-ups.

    MAGS LES AVOCATS advises high potential start-ups in:

    • The incorporation of a company: choice of the relevant structure, legal and tax implications,
    • Relations between shareholders : shareholders’ agreement, articles of association (bylaws), assistance in the prevention and resolution of conflicts between shareholders,
    • Employee and executive incentive plans: bonds, ESOP, stock options plans, free shares, management package, etc.
    • Seed fundraising: venture capital, love money, business angels, tax-benefits (ISF) funds.
    • Legal follow-up and monitoring of the company.

    Every year, MAGS LES AVOCATS incorporates about 30 startups, at least half of them raise funds within the first few months following their registration.

  • 2. Private Equity

    The private equity business has been one of our leading expertise for many years.

    MAGS LES AVOCATS intervenes at all stages of capital investment and carries out numerous deals in small and mid-caps fundraisings each year.

    Thanks to its experience and its historical positioning on fundraisings, our law firm has become a key player in this business segment and has developed a recognized practice by working with national and international investment funds, founders of startups, SMEs and mid-cap companies’ leaders in the growth and/or development phase.

    We equally advise investment funds and executives, particularly when setting up structured finance and management packages.

    Seed Capital (Early stage)

    MAGS LES AVOCATS, versed in the technique of early stage operations and the relationships between start-ups and investors, is a strong partner in the financing strategy.

    We model complex capitalization tables, conduct preliminary restructuring operations and participate in negotiations as part of a deal maker practice.

    The legal documentation relating to fundraisings is drafted in French and/or English (shareholders’ agreement, issuance of ordinary shares, preferred shares, warrants, stock-warrants,  bonds, convertible bonds and related domestic mechanisms such as ABSA, BSA ratchet, BSA AIR, BSPCE, OCA, ORA, Etc.).

    Our numerous references in venture capital operations make us a credible partner for future financing milestones.

    Development capital (Series A, B, C)

    MAGS LES AVOCATS regularly intervenes in high-growth SMEs/mid-cap companies’ development capital operations, equally advising investment funds or management teams.

    The resources we can easily mobilize on an given operation (corporate, tax, social, IP-IT, etc.) have convinced many SMEs and financial investors to entrust us with the legal steering of their fundraisings operations.

    We intervene in preliminary operations (negotiation assistance, shareholder restructuring, due diligence for which we are able to mobilize multidisciplinary teams, etc.). We draft, in French and/or English, the legal documentation relating to capital development operations (complex capitalization tables, preferred shares, bonds, warrants, convertible bonds and stock warrants and related domestic mechanisms such as ABSA, BSA Ratchet, BSPCE, OCA, ORA, OCABSA, shareholders’ agreements, management packages, guarantees, etc.).

    We assist our clients with a lot of implication and reactivity and always with a deal maker practice.

    Leveraged operations (OBO – LBO – LMBO)

    We assist financial investors and SMEs’ executives-shareholders in the negotiation and the legal and fiscal structuring of leveraged acquisition transactions such as LBO, OBO, LMBO or MBI.

    We work in compliance with the practices of financial investors and draft all legal documentation (domestic bonds variations such as OCA, OCABSA, OBSA, ORA, OCEANE, shareholders’ agreements, capital gains sharing agreement, subordination agreement, senior loan agreements and guarantees, management package, etc.)

    Our recognized experience in addition to our multiple references in relation with OBO and LBO operations, together with the loyalty of the financial investors who trust us, demonstrate our ability to contribute to the success of their operations.

  • 3. Business Contrats

    MAGS LES AVOCATS is at ease in the negotiations and has a strong expertise in contractual techniques.

    We assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting, in French and/or English, of all the required business contracts for the deployment and growth of their activities in France and abroad.

    We frequently participate in the negotiation and drafting of business contracts relating to the protection, valuation, assignment or exploitation of innovation and intellectual property rights for which we have developed a strong expertise (business transfer agreement, IP rights assignment, licensing, contribution of IP rights, patents assignments, consortium agreements, transfer of research works, etc.).

    We also intervene in the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements such as subcontracting, distribution/franchise agreements, partnership contracts, joint development agreement, joint ventures, sale or transfer asset contracts, Etc.)

  • 4. Mergers & Acquisitions

    Our law firm advises majority shareholders and companies’ executives in French or transnational operations of divestiture, external growth and carve out operations.

    Because we are aware that buying or selling a business is a crucial operation in an entrepreneur’s life, we help you making the right trade-offs in the decision-makings that are necessary throughout the sales or purchase process. We are 100% committed to your interests.

    Sensible about the human, financial and family dimension of an M&A operation, we work in close collaboration with the company’s and executive’s partners (notary, accountant, intermediary, bankers, etc.). As a buyer or seller, we assist our clients in conducting the negotiations (letter of intent) and the pre-acquisition audit, the outcome of which can play a decisive role in the level of guarantees requested.

    MAGS LES AVOCATS, able to mobilize a team of specialized lawyers (tax, social, IP-IT, etc.), can manage M&A operations, even on a large scale, with flexibility and speed. MAGS LES AVOCATS is well versed in the drafting of all legal documentation (confidentiality agreement, prior restructuring, audits, transfer protocol, share purchase agreement, asset and liability guarantee agreement, guarantee of the guarantee, supplements prices, etc.) and performs an average of about 10 M&A deals each year.